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Health & Travel Certificates

If you plan on your pet being with you during your next trip, it is essential to determine if both your destination and how you’re getting there require veterinary documentation. We can get your pet up to scratch with vaccinations and examinations, so they are ready for your next adventure!

Traveling With Your Pet?

Traveling with your pet under the appropriate circumstances can be an exciting and new experience for you both. A few questions you should ask yourself with plenty of time before your travel date include:

  • Is my pet healthy, feeling well, and ready to travel without any issues?
  • Is my pet free from potential illness, parasite, or disease that they could pass on or suffer from while traveling?
  • What are the required vaccinations for my destination, and has my pet had them? Or are they up to date on all of them?
  • Do I have the required documentation stating all of the above?

We at Mission Road Animal Clinic offer our help to you every step of the way. We strongly recommend giving your airline a call and finding out if there is a time frame that documentation needs to fall under, as many will require certificates to be issued and dated within ten days of departure. Once you research what the required vaccinations are necessary for travel, give us a call. We will go over your pet’s vaccination history and make a plan to get them caught up and ready for your trip. We will also perform wellness exams and go over any questions or concerns you may have regarding their overall fitness for travel.

If your new travel companion is lucky enough to meet the appropriate cabin travel size requirements, we sincerely recommend you take advantage of that option, as it can be less stressful for them to be near you during the flight. Whether they travel with you in the cabin or below in cargo departments, make sure they have water, toys, and whatever amenities allowed to keep them comfortable during the length of the flight. If possible, try limiting travel to times of the year or seasons without extreme temperatures.

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