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Puppy & Kitten Care

Everyone loves a new furry addition to the family! If you've just welcomed a new puppy or kitten into your home, make an appointment with us today to take the first steps with them on their wellness journey.

Puppy Care

Puppies are exciting, energetic, and loveable new friends that bring us endless amounts of joy. It is extremely important to immediately start them down the road of health and wellness on the right foot, as it sets them up for success in the future. Not unlike human children, they're going to require frequent visits to the office as they grow and their systems begin to mature. Vaccinations require a schedule in order to maintain effectiveness, and other medical needs your new pet could have may also be time sensitive. Medical concerns early on in life can vary depending on each patient, such as aggressive parasitic infection for example. Once you have brought your new companion home, we highly recommend you bring them into our office as soon as possible.

We offer new puppy or kitten packages that include monthly vaccine boosters, complimentary preventative medications, as well as a fecal exam to test for parasitic infection at every visit. This package also includes a full medical examination from one of our veterinarians to make sure we are getting a clear picture on their total health. In the event your new puppy or kitten is feeling unwell, you don't have to worry if you've purchased our package. Sick visit examinations are also covered with this all inclusive deal, as well as a discount on your first purchase of preventative medications and spays or neuters. This is also an excellent time to consider other services offered at Mission Road Animal Clinic, including microchipping.

Kitten Care

New kittens can be as adorable as they are sassy. While they are certainly a lot of fun, it is important to remember kittens can also come with numerous types of medical conditions that they need to be screened and potentially treated for, such as parasitic infections. We recommend that you book an examination as soon as you've brought your kitten home. Like our puppy wellness exams, we offer the same packages for new owners including fecal exams, vaccinations, and an extensive examination of overall health.

  • Multi-cat households can be a wonderful and beneficial dynamic for your pets. Below are steps to make expanding your household from a single cat home to a multi-cat home a smooth and safe transition for everyone:
  • Make sure to test your new cat or kitten for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV) right away. Cats can transmit these undesirable diseases to each other fairly easily. While both are typically spread through bites, FeLV can be transmitted through urine, feces, saliva, nasal secretions, and more.
  • Cats are territorial animals by nature. Allow your cat or kitten a chance to get used to the new smells that come with your new addition. Giving them a chance to smell each other through a closed door is a safe and effective first step towards integration. After a few days, you can move the new cat into a carrier and bring them into the shared space. Finally, letting them out for full immersion is the last step.

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