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Diagnostic Care

Thanks to our diagnostic experts and on-site laboratory, we offer on site testing to expedite your pet's treatment plan and get them back on the path to wellness.

In-House Laboratory

At Mission Road Animal Clinic, we believe part of our golden standard level of medical care often starts with gaining a clear picture of each particular case and what they present with. Part of that process requires laboratory testing. Blood tests, fecal testing, urinalysis, and other forms of diagnostic testing can help tell a story or fill in the blanks when determining what ailments your pet could be suffering from, or monitoring their wellness in general. Running panels to determine chemical levels can make a tremendous difference because it lets us see how different organs and systems are truly functioning. Instead of performing testing and sending out samples to second-party laboratories (this can take days if not weeks), we are able to run a multitude of samples in the office and sometimes even get results back the same day. The faster we receive results, the faster we can put the pieces together.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography, or X-Ray, is an extremely useful tool when attempting to diagnose a medical issue or ailment. A quick, safe, and non-invasive form of imaging, X-Rays are often used in veterinary medicine because they can show us clear images of bones, tissues, and internal organs. Emitting a small amount of radiation, X-Rays are considered to be an efficient tool used in diagnostic care. Offering imaging on-site creates less stress for our patients, allowing our professionals to find the information they're seeking faster. If your pet's results require a specialist, we will send them to a veterinary radiologist that we trust. Don't be alarmed if a veterinarian suggests performing digital radiography. They are checking all of the "boxes" to obtain the most well-rounded idea of your animal's condition possibe. Please call the office to speak to one of our medical professionals if you have any questions regarding your pet's X-ray's.


You may have heard of Ultrasound technology through one of your own personal medical experiences at some point or another. Not only is it an efficient form of imaging in the human medical world, but it is frequently relied upon in the veterinary field as well. In fact, it is so common that it holds second place in terms of types of imaging used. How ultrasounds work is they send out harmless sound waves throughout the body, typically soft tissue or fluid-filled anatomical structures, and create real-time video images. Similar to X-Rays, ultrasounds are a painless, safe, and extremely efficient tool when trying to form a diagnosis. Often times ultrasounds aid in avoiding further, more invasive, exploration such as surgery. We offer ultrasound technology on-site in our office, allowing your pet to remain somewhere they are familiar with to get their testing done. Ultrasounds are often used alongside digital radiography.


An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart. It uses ultrasound waves to create images that allow a veterinarian to evaluate the heart size, valve function, and heart strength. It is considered the most accurate test for diagnosing heart disease in dogs and cats.

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