Mission Road Animal Clinic

Awards & Accreditations

Mission Road Animal Clinic has been recognized by Angie’s List and received the "Super Service Award" two years in a row. Additionally, we are proud to be an AAHA-accredited animal hospital.


The AAHA is an organization that offers recognition of excellence to veterinary facilities in the US and Canada. While many clients may have never heard of the American Animal Hospital Association, it is important to understand that to become AAHA-accredited is no easy feat. In fact, only up to 15% of veterinary practices today can say that they are accredited. This is an excellent explanation as to why some pet owners find deciding between animal clinics to be challenging. There are very few factors that truly distinguish between most practices, but you can be sure that seeing an AAHA-accreditation is a distinct difference where it matters the most. The standard in veterinary medicine that is being offered to your animal.


The American Animal Hospital Association believes that pets deserve the absolute best medical treatment that science can offer. The AAHA holds over 900 standards to be met in order for a facility to reach accreditation status. It is a rigorous process that involves keen attention to detail and devotion to standing out amongst the rest. It is important to know that AAHA-accreditation is an indication of exceptional effort and commitment to offering golden standard medical care to your animal. You can take a relax and trust in knowing that your pet is in the hands of veterinary professionals who value animal welfare above all else.

Angie's List

Angie’s List is a widely used internet resource that connects people with reliable and trustworthy businesses. At Mission Road Animal Clinic, we take pride in meeting the strict requirements necessary in order to be eligible for the Angie’s List "Super Service Award". Not only were we able to maintain a consistently excellent overall grade, but the support from our clients and customers paved the way for our award winning success two years in a row.

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